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STRAIGHT STUNTIN #53 (Latina Issue)



Placing a order is very simple.  Select your desired magazine title(s) and add it to your shopping cart.  If you would like to continue shopping click the continue shopping tab in the right top corner of your screen. When you are finished shopping please select check out.

During check out you can use any credit or debit card with a Visa or Master Card logo.  Please fill out the portion with your name, address etc. Right below that is the shipping to portion. If you are ordering this package for yourself the instructions are very simple.  But if you are sending this package to a inmate PLEASE MAKE SURE: 

You must know the inmates facility package policy/ how many magazines can they receive in (1) package.  If you send to many books or magazines and they are not allowed, the package will be rejected by the facility at your own expense.  The Mag Depot is not responsible for packages that are rejected or damaged by a facility.  

In most cases if a rejection of a package occurs and the items are returned to our facility in reselling condition along with a rejection letter, we will give the inmate credit for the title minus our restocking fee of $1.25 per title and minus the shipping rate.  If only the magazines are returned without a rejection letter (NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN). If the magazines are returned damaged (NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN).

Lastly when filling out the inmates information in the shipping section please put their First & Last name and directly following their last name please put his/her inmate #.  After this is done you must put their complete facility address.  Then you're all finished. 

Press Complete Check Out

Any other questions please feel free to click the customer service link above. We will be more then glad to help you.